DULUXE1 Car Care

Who we are

Duluxe1 Lubricants was established in 2015 with the basic intention of manufacturing and marketing of various lubricants and automotive fluids.
We produce a wide range of synthetic and conventional engine oils, ATFs and other essential lubricants.
Duluxe1 plant is based in the United States of America, with subsidiaries in Other parts of the world, including Africa.

We recommended Duluxe1 Lubricants because the company has the growing need of the transport industry in mind and produces high quality lubricants to prolong the life of vehicles by cleaning and protecting their engines. Duluxe1 Lubricants has consistently improved the performance of its lubricants through the development of our own unique type of synthetic base oil technology combined with innovative additive packages.

Duluxe1 Lubricants aims to play an important role in the world in the development of high quality oil lubricants products portfolio with maximum adherence to the world environmental quality standard protection.